Whether with concrete, exteriors, roofs, infrastructure, scaffolding, to the finest trim and finish work, UBC carpentry professionals provide the crucial work on most every type of structure found in our world. From skyscrapers and hospitals to office buildings, prisons, schools, hotels, bridges, highways, infrastructure, and beyond, carpenters are responsible for bringing the blueprints for these structures to life.

From foundations to finishes, professional carpenters are there. In fact, carpenters make up the largest single group of skilled workers in the country.

Commercial and general carpentry professionals work with a variety of materials, in a variety of settings--indoor and outdoor, urban and rural, far above ground or below grade. UBC carpenters are skilled in layout, measuring, cutting, erecting, and joining materials together. Their work is used by our signatory contractors, who rely on the skills, productivity, and attitude of UBC members to deliver the quality of work that our contractors’ customers have come to expect from a UBC crew.

UBC carpenters are experts in several facets of a structure’s interior. Typical work involves the installation of modern equipment and material in commercial and public buildings, including acoustical ceilings, computer-access flooring, metal framing, wall partitions, office furniture systems, and both custom or factory-produced materials. Their specialized skills are brought into play as they assemble complex interior systems using technical data supplied by manufacturers. Special care is taken and skills are acquired so that work in occupied facilities is done without interrupting the customer’s tenants. We protect furnishings, adjust work schedules around office hours, and identify alternative staging areas so that the client’s operations are not disrupted by our traffic.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of our professionals. Whether the job involves remodeling an existing building or fitting out a new structure, UBC contractors and interior systems professionals meet schedules, solve mid-project challenges, and perform accurate work that eliminates lengthy punch lists. Our carpenters are trained to be productive and professional at all times. The result is a project done according to what the owners, facility manager, general contractor, and customer expect.


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