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Credit Banking

Some colleges and universities will accept credit recommendations from National CCRS without the need for an accredited college transcript; others will not. For colleges (and/or employers) that request a transcript from an accredited college, you have the option to use the Credit Bank through Excelsior College.

Designed for non-enrolled Excelsior College students, the Credit Bank service consolidates accumulated college-level credit onto a single master transcript for employment or educational purposes. The Training Center DOES NOT charge a fee for this service, but a fee may be charged by the specific college.

Excelsior College will consolidate your credits from a variety of sources:

  • Credits from Excelsior College and other accredited colleges and universities.
  • Military training and experience evaluated and recommended for college-level credit by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Corporate training and criminal justice training evaluated and recommended for college-level credit by Excelsior College, American Council on Education (ACE) or the National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS)
  • IT certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, SAS, Oracle, CompTia, Sun Microsystems and others approved for credit by Excelsior College.
  • Examination programs including Excelsior College Examinations, College Level Exam Program (CLEP), and DSST Exam Program.
  • Credits appearing on international credentials evaluated by an Excelsior College approved agency.

Official copies of transcripts and score reports you would like considered for consolidation are required along with the Credit Bank fee.  The current fees are outlined in the applications above.

Learn more:

  • Call 888-647-2388 (toll-free) or 518-464-8500 (press 1-3-6 at the automated greeting)
  • Email:


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