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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the NYC Carpenter Training Center Apprenticeship Program! 

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About The Application Process

To apply for the apprenticeship program, attend an info session and then submit an online application within 60 days, choosing one specific trade. While the apprenticeship program is tuition-free, various union initiation fees apply. After your interview, you can check your application rank online. Admission timelines vary based on several factors.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before Applying

Is the apprenticeship program suitable for those with significant experience in the field?
Our apprenticeship program is designed primarily for individuals who are new or relatively new to the field. If you already possess significant experience in carpentry (10+ years), we recommend directly contacting a local union. For those with extensive experience looking to join the union, bypassing the apprenticeship program might be possible. Please refer to our District Council website for a comprehensive directory and further guidance.

How many days after attending an info session do I have to complete the online application form?
You have 60 days post-session to complete and submit the online application form.

Is it possible for a signatory contractor to "sponsor" my admission into the apprenticeship program?
No, sponsorship for admission by a signatory contractor is not an option.

Can I enlist for multiple trades and join whichever opens up first?
No, you need to select a specific trade during the application process and can only be enlisted for that particular trade.

Can I change my trade choice after application submission?
Decided on a different trade after applying? No problem! To switch your trade preference, you will need to withdraw your initial application first. Then, attend a new information session relevant to your new trade choice, submit a fresh application, and undergo another interview process.

What are the initiation fees when joining the union and the apprenticeship program?
Initiation fees are payable to the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, the NYC District Council of Carpenters, and your union local. The apprenticeship program, on the other hand, doesn't charge tuition, as educational costs are covered through members' union dues, which will be deducted from your paycheck. Apprentices are employed full-time and are required to take 4-5 weeks off annually for classes at the training center.

After entering the apprenticeship, am I allowed to find my own employment with a union signatory contractor?
Yes, you can scout for jobs or if there's a contractor willing to hire you, you may arrange that directly with them. Should you find yourself out of work, it is mandatory to place your name on the Out of Work List (OWL).

After The Interview

How long does my application stay active on the ranked list?
Your application will remain valid on our ranked list for a period of two years. Post this period, the application is considered "expired," and you will need to reapply if still interested.

After my interview, can I see my score or ranking?
You can check your rank among the list of applicants for your selected trade via our website's applicant portal. Click here. However, we don’t disclose individual scores or provide additional feedback on interview outcomes. Evaluation is based on the criteria detailed in the NYS DOL AT-508 form.

Can I retake my interview if I'm not satisfied with my performance?
If you feel that your interview performance didn't truly reflect your potential, you have a couple of options. You can wait for your current application to expire after two years and then reapply for the same trade. Alternatively, you can withdraw your application and reapply for a different trade, which will necessitate a new interview.

Following my interview, what is the expected timeframe for admission into the apprenticeship program?
The timeline for admission into the apprenticeship program following your interview can vary. It largely depends on the volume of work available and the number of applicants who have applied for the program. It's a dynamic scenario where your admission might be expedited or delayed based on these factors. It is recommended to keep checking the applicant portal for updates on your rank among the list of applicants

Which documents are required for my application, and when should they be submitted?
Please prepare all required documents in advance, as they will be needed at the time of your enrollment in the program. It's important to have these documents ready beforehand to ensure a smooth enrollment process.High School

  • High School/College Diploma or Transcript or GED/HiSET Certificate
  • Driver's License & Proof of Vehicle
  • Proof of legal right to work - E.g. Social Security Card, or Green Card


As a high school career counselor/advisor, can I arrange an on-site visit or a virtual informational session?
Yes, please reach out to us at For virtual sessions, we require at least 10 participants. Ensure to contact us a minimum of two weeks prior to your preferred date.

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