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NYC DOB Training Connect SST Cards Reprint FAQ

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What is the new NYC DOB Training Connect SST Card?

The NYC Dept. of Buildings has required that all Site Safety Cards be exchanged for a new NFC-enabled Training Connect Site Safety (SST) Card by Feb 1, 2023. This new card has improved security features, and synchronizes your training history across all DOB-approved Course Providers. THIS CARD DOES NOT REQUIRE ADDITIONAL TRAINING AT THIS TIME, HOWEVER YOUR SST CARD MUST STILL BE RENEWED PRIOR TO ITS EXPIRATION.

When will I receive my new NYC DOB Training Connect SST Card?

If you originally obtained your card from the NYCDCC SST all cards were mailed starting November 30, 2022. Please allow 7-10 business days for the US Postal Service to deliver it to the address we have on file.

If you received your SST card from an outside training provider you should contact them to reprint your card.

Why did I not receive my new NYC DOB Training Connect SST Card?

  • Your address may be incorrect in our system
  • We may be missing information required by the NYC DOB
  • We may need an updated photo (within 2 years)
  • You received your card from an outside provider (contact the original course provider to reprint your card)

To get your card issued from the CTC by the 2/1/2022 deadline, please email us at, state UBC ID# & name or call us at 212-727-2224.

Why can't I view my full training history on the new NYC DOB Training Connect SST Card?

Only SST classes completed after 6/1/2022 can be viewed on the new NYC Training Connect card. In order to view your training history, you must scan your Training verification card issued by the UBC. You may still be required to present your Scaffold and OSHA 30 card.

Please Note: You may view NYCDCTC DOB approved courses on our website:

Or on New York City Department of Buildings website:

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