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Understanding your TVC

Training Verification  Card

Scan the card. See the Skills. The UBC’s Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) now provides real-time training, certification and qualification reports for UBC members. The Training Verification Card (TVC) system revolves around a single plastic card featuring a QR code. One scan of the code gives employers an up-to- the-minute report from a database that is updated as soon as a member completes a course or earns a certification/ qualification.

Scan the TVC

Use a QR code reader application on a smartphone to view the records. Don’t have a scanner application? Download one for free from your mobile device’s App or Play Store.

Access the Record

The TVC verifies all current training, certifications and qualifications for a Union Carpenter, which allows employers to verify current membership and verify current training, qualifications and certifications by accessing:

  • Member name
  • Photo (if available)
  • UBC ID
  • Local Union
  • Classification (Apprentice or Journeyman)
  • Training, certifications and qualifications
  • Welding certifications
  • Scheduled class
  • Additional certifications and qualifications acquired from a third party

Program Security

Our goal is keeping the records of our members accurate and ready for your review.

  • All previously issued paper cards are now invalid.
  • Once a member requests a replacement card, his or her current QR code is deactivated and a temporary card is issued with a new QR code that will work for 2 weeks. When the permanent card arrives, the temporary card is deactivated and the new QR code becomes active.
  • The TVC is mailed to the member’s home address with instructions on its purposes and use.
  • Cards will not print if the member has an incorrect address in the CITF’s records.
  • Cards will not have a photo of the member if no photo is on file with the CITF.

The TVC is more effective when the member’s photo is on the card. However,  the photo can only be displayed if the member has a photo on file with the CITF. Members can have  their photo taken at their local training center.

Understanding the Message

Training History Not Available = this is a non-member
Invalid Code = old card (maybe it was found after receiving the replacement card) or expired temporary card
No Current Training History = all training has expired


Contact your Local UBC Training Center Go to for a directory of UBC-affiliated Training Centers

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