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Information on Outside Licenses

Outside Qualifications and Certifications

An outside qualification or certification is a class that has been taken outside of the Training Center, such as on a jobsite or the American Red Cross.​

Any card/certificate that a member submits to be verified on our online form must be current. The card/certificate in question CAN NOT be expired.

Not all cards/certificates will be accepted. Classes must be taken at an authorized training facility. Please contact the Training Center before taking any outside classes if you are unsure if it will be accepted.

Procedures for Adding Skills to the Out of Work List

You must complete the Outside Certificates form online to submit certs they wish to add to their profile. The Health & Safety Coordinator will review the card/certificate, the training entity, and class description to determine if it is legitimate and eligible to be posted as a skill on the Out of Work List. If the card/certificate is approved, it will be sent to the Out of Work List for processing. Please note that it can take up to thirty (30) days to post on the Out of Work List Skills Portfolio.

Eligible and approved card/certificate will be posted on the Training Verification Card and will be visible within thirty (30) days.

Step-by-step “how to upload certs to the Online Form”:

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