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Apprentice Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for participating in our Apprenticeship Satisfaction Survey. Your feedback is essential in helping us improve the training and facilities we provide. This survey is confidential, and your responses will be used solely to enhance the apprenticeship experience.

Personal Information

Salary and Benefits

The salary/wages I receive as an apprentice.(Required)
The benefits (health insurance, time off, etc.) provided to me.(Required)

Quality of Work and Opportunities

I have access to a variety of work experiences during my apprenticeship.(Required)
The work assignments are challenging and enhance my learning.(Required)
I receive adequate on-the-job support to do my job successfully.(Required)

Curriculum Quality

The curriculum is relevant to the skills required in the carpentry industry.(Required)
The curriculum is comprehensive and covers necessary topics.(Required)
Training sessions are well-organized and efficiently run.(Required)
The practical training provided prepares me adequately for real-world tasks.(Required)

Instructor Quality

Instructors are approachable and willing to provide help.(Required)
Communication from instructors is clear and understandable.(Required)
Instructors are knowledgeable and competent in their areas of expertise.(Required)
Instructors provide timely and constructive feedback on my work.(Required)


Cleanliness of the facilities (classrooms, workshops, common spaces).(Required)
Safety of the training environment.(Required)
Availability of necessary tools and materials.(Required)
Comfort of the learning spaces.(Required)

Administrative Staff

The helpfulness of administrative staff when addressing your inquiries and concerns.(Required)
The responsiveness of administrative staff to calls, emails, and other forms of communication.(Required)
The clarity and usefulness of information provided by administrative staff.(Required)
The administrative staff's professionalism and courtesy.(Required)

Overall Satisfaction

Considering all aspects of your life, how satisfied are you currently?(Required)

Additional Feedback

Please provide any additional comments or suggestions on how we can improve your experience as an apprentice at the NYC Carpenters Training Center.

Thank you for your time and feedback. We value your input and are committed to using this information to improve our apprenticeship program.

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