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Dear Prospective Union Carpentry Apprentices,

First and foremost, we would like to commend you on your interest in advancing your carpentry skills through a union apprenticeship. Your decision to join the union as an apprentice is the first step in a rewarding journey that opens doors to opportunities, skills development, and a solid career path. This blog post is designed to help guide you through the interview process, from attending an initial informational session, to finally becoming an inducted apprentice.

Step 1: Attend an Information Session

Your journey starts by attending an informational session. This session is your first glimpse into the world of union carpentry, offering insights into what you can expect from the apprenticeship program. It's a chance to learn about the benefits, responsibilities, and commitments of an apprentice, and also an opportunity to ask questions and clear any doubts. Consider this the “pre-interview” stage, where you're evaluating whether the apprenticeship aligns with your career goals.

Step 2: Complete the Online Application

After the information session, you'll then receive a passcode to our application. If you are still interested in the apprenticeship, you should proceed to complete an online application. This application is your first official contact with the union and helps them understand your background, skills, and interest in carpentry. Be thorough and sincere in providing your details, as this forms the basis for your subsequent interview.

Step 3: Attend the Interview

Once your application is reviewed, you will be invited to schedule yourself for an interview using Calendly. The interview allows union representatives to gauge your potential as a carpenter, your commitment, and how well you'll fit into the union environment. This is your time to shine; come prepared, show your enthusiasm for the craft, and be ready to demonstrate your understanding of the carpentry industry. Please note that this is an interview and you must arrive on time and look professional! You will not be required to bring the required documents at this time, but we will require the documents during initiation. *We will not interview candidates who arrive late. There will be no exceptions. You will be required to attend another information session if you would like to schedule another interview.

Step 4: Apprentice Ranking

Following the interview, all applicants are ranked. This ranking system is based on various factors such as interview performance, experience, skills, and potential for growth. It helps determine the order of induction into the apprenticeship program. It's important to understand that you may not be immediately inducted after your interview. However, as demand for new workers arises, the union will refer to this rank order to induct new apprentices.

Step 5: Drug Screening and Orientation

Once selected, you'll need to pass a drug screening. This step ensures that all apprentices maintain the highest safety and productivity standards on the job. Following a successful screening, you'll be invited to attend an orientation. During this session, you'll be formally inducted into the union as an apprentice, be told your rights and obligations, meet your mentors, and learn more about the practical aspects of your upcoming apprenticeship.


So, there you have it – your roadmap to becoming a union carpentry apprentice. Remember, this process is not just about evaluating you, but also about giving you the tools and knowledge to succeed in your apprenticeship. Your passion, commitment, and skills are valuable assets to your union, so approach each step with confidence and excitement.

Good luck, future carpenters. Your journey begins here!

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